Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Owls Don't Like Getting Their Photo Taken

To my delight, a pair of my local resident Great Horned Owls did end up having babies. I thought for sure they skipped having babies this year, but it looks like they suprised me with 2 babies!  I am hoping to be able to watch them grow up before the leaves really fill in and the bugs get bad. In just a week, they are starting to get darker feathers on their heads. (First 2 photos) The 3rd photo was taken a week prior, the first time I saw them. As they grow, they will sit up more, as well as move onto nearby branches. It will be a fun 10-12 weeks watching them grow up.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring - Later than Sooner

It is taking a while for Spring to get here this year. We'll get one day that is warm and gorgeous, and then BOOM! Rain, cold, bitter winds, and let's toss in some snow to keep it real. Well, I know Spring is around the corner - I am starting to see birds that are migrating back. I am hoping I can get out when the Warblers come through here - always a treat to view some birds you don't often see, and you can only catch them for a few weeks.
 Eastern Phoebe
Hermit Thrush