Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Such a Follower.

OK, a couple people I know started a 365-a-day photo blog thingie. I'm not much of a writer, but anyone who knows me understands I usually have a camera with me at all times. I love taking pictures, and I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I do love catching moments in life. So, I decided to create a photo blog. Just a simple snap a day, nothing earth-shattering, pretty simple.

So, here is my first photo. Every morning I make a small pot or 2 of green tea. It warms me up, wakes me up, and I know it's supposed to be good for me. I'd like to think it's making we wise at the same time, but that has yet to be proven.

1 comment:

  1. Not sure if my first comment was submitted... but I just wanted to say I love your photographs. They are often of regular sights you are seeing in your daily life, but made beautiful and interesting through your eye. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more! -margo