Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know, I know.... ya'll are sick of me and my eagle obsession. I can't help it! It's like my obsession with sugary sweet PEEPS candy. I love them, and I want more. ...So goes the story of photographing eagles. I can just sit there and watch them for hours. They are so powerful and huge. I was always striving to have my photos reflect how powerful they are.  Just look at those talons! I have enjoyed the migration this year, and the warm winter brought a TON of eagles with lots of open water for fishing. I even had bald eagles 2 minutes from my house. Crazy! As the eagles head north, I can now review and reflect on the 2,107 eagle photos I took. I have decided to enter some photo contests with them, I really feel like they are good quality and exhibit the power of this awesome raptor.


  1. I hope you are framing this one.

    1. I am!!!! Now where am I gonna hang it? :o)

  2. Never sick of seeing incredible photos like this. I know what it takes to get shots like this, and yours is always amazing work. I don't blame you for framing this one, it is spectacular!