Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Pony!

Today is Tazer's 5th birthday! I couldn't ask for anything more in a family member, agility partner, and hiking buddy! He makes me laugh, and he keeps me on my toes! Running agility with him is so exciting, and he tries 110%. He can be a snuggle buddy when I actually sit down, and he thinks he is a lap dog sometimes. I enjoy hiking with him...he just gallops around and he loves being silly. He has been a well-behaved boy with his new sister, Pixel. He tries to get her to play, but his size is a little intimidating for her right now. She still likes to herd him around though! I hope to get his MACH (5 more QQ!) and his ADCH (Just a few more runs!) in 2013. If we ever get around to doing ASCA trials, I'd love to get his ATCH too! Most importantly, agility aside, he is a wonderful family member. He loves the neighborhood kids and he is always ready for them to throw a ball for him. I laugh at his phobia of feathers (since I am a bird nerd!) but he has been eating them lately...so maybe he is not so scared. I'd like to say that I think he is maturing.... but kind of like me.... NAAAAAAAH. Not yet. Happy birthday Big Man, I love you!

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