Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Asha & Her Pack

Asha enjoyed being a part of a pack. She had a different relationship with each of the dogs.
 Neelah was her favorite. Most favorite to torment! She was constantly picking on her - pulling at her ears, trying to engage her in play, chasing her and barking at her.
When Asha came to live with us, she was scared of everything. She almost just shut down and slept for that entire first month - healing inside and out. She had no idea how to interact with other dogs. After about 1 day... Asha and Neelah just let loose and started playing like gangbbusters. They became best buddies that day.
 Asha did most of the tormenting - not letting Neelah come up the stairs, or guarded the door and wouldn't let her outside. She would get all wild when Neelah came in from the field and just chased her around the yard and tried to get her to interact. It was a silly bond that they shared, chasing, rolling, biting... my favorite was when they were both in my office. Neelah would be laying there, and Asha would come up and puppy bow. Then, they started playing. Neelah would simply put a paw on top of Asha's head, saying... "I own you, little red dog." Their antics were so silly. 
Treo was the little bratty brother that always took things a little too far. He barked a lot when they played, and that made Asha nuts. She had to tell him off. A lot. They didn't play often, but when they did, she was sure to be the winner.
And as for Tazer .... he tried SOOO hard to get her attention. She wouldn't give him the time of day. He was a low man on the totem pole, and not worth her time or attention. He would puppy bow her, and she would sit there, ignoring him.
Our pack was/is a great pack. We have had many adventures, and we plan to have many more. The pack seemed very calm the first couple days of her absence, but everyone seems to know what has happened, and life continues. Neelah did wait at the top of the stairs to bust her chops after coming out of kennels one morning, but Asha wasn't there. Some days I think Neelah is such a diva, that she doesn't even notice that Asha is gone. But then I wonder- I think she knows very well. Neelah got to spend time with Asha during her last few hours at home. Dogs know when something is up. I love my pack.

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  1. That picture of Neelah with the paw on Asha's head is one of my's just so damn funny.

    Very good stories Ami.