Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Week Without Asha

It's been exactly one week tonight that we lost our Asha girl. While she won't be able to come and help me out at dog rescue events anymore, she will be coming along in spirit. She is the reason I rescue those dogs who are less fortunate.
What I will miss the most about Asha:
1. Her loud dreams- she must have been always chasing something exciting!
2. Snoring in my office
3. Getting all wound up when I ask "Do you want to go for a walk?"
4. Her little hula wiggle butt 
5. Picking on Neelah 
6. Laying in the yard peacefully, while the other 3 dogs chase frisbees & balls around her like freaks
7. Sun naps
8. Leg stretches on you in the morning to "help" wake you up
9. Sucking on her kong like a "baa baa" (bottle)
10. Her sweet, gentle nature
Asha will never be forgotten ...

It was a hard week, that is for sure. I keep turning around and expect her to be there, waiting for me to drop some food on the ground so she can vacuum it up. Wiggling her butt. One less dog in the house just feels weird. It still doesn't feel right when I give everyone night-night treats.... I feel like I am missing something. Oh, I am. I am missing Asha.

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