Saturday, April 21, 2012

Asha's Beginnings

As a tribute to our special girl who left us all too soon, I am going to post some photos of Asha that tell her story throughout the week.

This is the first time we ever met Asha. She was scared, very emaciated, and she had just had FHO surgery on a leg that had been dislocated. She was not thriving in the kennels at the Nebraska Humane Society, so they asked if we could foster her. 
We knew we could get her rehabbed and ready to be adopted. After getting her home and seeing what a gentle spirit she was, we knew she was going to be a "foster failure". With all of my volunteer hours at the NHS, I was able to adopt her for a mere $7! Best seven bucks I ever spent.
Part of Asha's rehab therapy was swimming. She was not a big fan of water, but she bucked it up and swam anyway. It helped her start to use her leg, which she mainly just drug around. After months of swimming, walking, and massage - Asha really began to use her leg!

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